In Honor Of And Appreciation To All United States Veterans ... Military ... National Guard
L. Phillip Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister, D.D., Pastoral Counselor and Esther Grace Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister

We here at Covenant Of Sovereign Grace Ministry gratefully salute each and every one of you who have been or are presently serving the USA Military or National Guard! Did you know? There were 40 authors of the Bible in differing times, places, and circumstances which could be represented today by a 40-foot-high pole to fly Old Glory on; that there are 100 - twice as many as the stars on the flag - Names of Christ thus proving that He Is Who He Said He Is - God. There are at least 13 discriminate-dictions, similar in number to the stripes on the American Flag, that Grace God's Word. The Eagle which is on top of most American Flag Poles - representing the United States and other distinguished military insigns - was also the military standard of which represented the Roman Empire which settled all the military disputes quickly within the Diaspora of the Ancient Nation of Israel - after the destruction of their Jerusalem (symbolized as Babylon in Revelation), but not any further outside of where the Jews settled.

One Hundred Names Of Christ

Used by permission from the book: "100 Portraits Of Christ" by Henry Gariepy

Alpha and Omega, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, Ancient of Days, Image of the Invisible God, Firstborn Over All Creation, Heir of All Things, Radiance of God's Glory, Exact Representation of His Being, Word, The Beloved, Only Begotten Son, God, I Am, Dayspring, Indescribable Gift, Anointed One (Messiah), Son of David, Branch, Arm of the Lord, Offspring of the Woman, Baby, Jesus, Immanuel, Holy One, The Boy Jesus, Brother, Nazarene, Carpenter, Jew, Galilean, The Man, Son of Man, Prophet, Teacher, Physician, Servant, Christ, Man of Sorrows, Rabboni, Shiloh, Star, Scepter, Redeemer, Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Banner for the Peoples, Leader and Commander, Lord Our Righteousness, Desire of All Nations, King, Messenger of the Covenant, Sun of Righteousness, Bridegroom, Friend, Horn of Salvation, Lamb of God, Living Water, Saviour, Judge, Our Passover, Rock, The Last Adam, Chief Cornerstone, Head, Head of the Church, Lord, All in All, Our Hope, Mediator, Ransom, Blessed and Only Potentate, The King of Kings, Pioneer of Our Salvation, Apostle of Our Profession, High Priest, Guarantee of a Better Covenant, Pioneer of Our Faith, Jesus Christ, Overseer, Advocate, Atoning Sacrifice, The Amen, Faithful and True Witness, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Bread of Life, Light of the World, The Door, The Good Shepherd, The Resurrection and The Life, The Way, The Truth, The Life, The True Vine, The Almighty, The Living One, The Root and the Offspring of David, Bright Morning Star.

Thirteen Figures Of Speech

These 13 figures of speech are found all through the Old and New Testament Books, and it is important to define the literal and figurative languages to understand the spiritual meaningfulness of God's Truth revealed throughout the Holy Scriptures.

The following list is used by permission and adapted from the book: "How To Understand The Bible" by W. Robert Palmer. College Press, Joplin, MO

Parable - A life-story to bring out a moral truth. Example: Luke 10:25-37.

Fable - A made-up story to bring out a moral truth. Example: 2 Kings 14:8-10.

Simile - Comparing something to be liken to something else. Example: Matt. 3:16.

Metaphor - Calling one thing by another word. Example: Matt. 26:26.

Allegory - A metaphor compiled of a complete story to illustrate a truth. Example: Eph. 6:11-17.

Riddle - The comparison of some similarity between two things written up as a puzzle to bring out a truth. Example: Judges 14:14.

Hyperbole - An extreme exaggeration to bring out a point. Example: Psalm 22:6, 14.

Irony - Communicating in contempt or ridicule to hurt and insult another. Example: Matt. 27:29.

Sarcasm - Similar to irony, but much stronger. Example: Mark 15:31, 32.

Interrogation - To bring out a strong point by asking a question, but not necessarily requiring an answer. Example: Heb. 2:3.

Metonymy - Substituting one word for another because they are related. Example: 1 Cor. 11:25, 26.

Personification - Something inanimate having personal attributes. Example: Psalm 114:3.

Anthropomorphism - Attributing human forms, parts, or attributes to God. Example: Exodus 33:22, 23.

Meaning Of The Eagle

The meaning of the apocalyptic symbol of the Eagle, according to Old and New Testament Scriptures means "swift judgment and consequence through earthly armies"; which seems to aptly described the United States! See Jer. 48:40, 49:22; Hosea 8:1; Hab. 1:8. Matt. 24:28; Rev. 4:7.

Not Alone For Mighty Empire
by William P. Merrill (1911)

Not alone for mighty empire, stretching far over land and sea,
Not alone for bounteous harvests, lift we up our hearts to Thee.
Standing in the living present, memory and hope between,
Lord, we would with deep thanksgiving, praise Thee more for things unseen.

Not for battleships and fortress, not for conquests of the sword,
But for conquests of the spirit give we thanks to Thee, O Lord;
For the priceless gift of freeedom, for the home, the church, the school,
For the open door to manhood, in a land the people rule.

For the armies of the faithful, souls that passed and left no name;
For the glory that illumines patriot lives of deathless fame.
For our prophets and apostles, loyal to the living Word,
For all heroes of the spirit, give we thanks to Thee, O Lord.

God of justice, save the people from the clash of race and creed,
From the strife of class and faction, make our nation free indeed;
Keep her faith in simple manhood strong as when her life began,
Till it find its full fruition in the brotherhood of man!

Note: The dictionary meaning (3b) of Empire is:
"a state uniting many territories and peoples under a single sovereign power."


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