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The following references may be of some help to our viewers as one can learn from any ministry. Although we do not agree with all of the contents, we are including these so that our viewers may have a broader spectrum of Biblical concepts; thus enabling one to decide what is the effectiveness and efficiency of the Gospel - as expended and exemplified by Christ Himself. We give agreement in major essentials, as in a spiritual sense - written in stone by God and sealed by the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and intercession of His Son, and verified entirely by the Holy Spirit. We give leniency in minor essentials, since many meaningful idioms are explanatory. However, all scholars are not in complete agreement to the absence or extent of such; and as such, these minor essentials are not necessarily contributory for one's eternal salvation. We give freedom in non-essentials, thus respecting each individual's conscience within the canonical of composition and persuasion of Biblical writings. See Romans 14:4-23.

Christian Websites

International Bible Society - Faithfully Translating And Reaching Out With God's Word So That People Around The World May Become Disciples Of Jesus Christ And Members Of His Body

The Gideons International - Serves As An Extended Missionary Arm Of The Church: Their Sole Purpose Is To Win Men, Women, Boys And Girls To A Saving Knowledge Of The Lord Jesus Christ Through Association For Service, Personal Testimony, And Distributing The Bible In The Human Traffic Lanes And Streams Of Every Day Life

International Preterist Association - Ed Stevens

Preterist Radio - Michael J. Loomis

Bible Prophecy - Don Preston

Biblical Fulfillment - Jessie Mills


George Mueller Of Bristol And His Witness To A Prayer-Hearing God - Arthur T. Pierson

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