Life Is Much More Attractive When Most of The Time One Is Active!

L. Phillip Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister, D.D., Pastoral Counselor
Esther Grace Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister

Truth's Spirit Of Digesting The Spirit Of Truth
Suppositioned vs Transcribable

I supposed I knew "The Book Of Life" -
Read it albeit here and some there a little.
Piecemealed some; hitting John or Matthew fitly.

Gravitated back to Genesis for some refreshing,
And certainly some chapters of Isaiah for history.
The calming Psalms were always delightful;

Then into Romans 12; relationships being insightful.
Proverbs 1 held a certain wisdom of instruction.
Yes, I thunk myself to know a little more and more; but

Found I didn't knock upon Heaven's Door to make a better score!
Then it appeared to me that all I did was dabble;
Tried different things and ways of schooling God's Thoughts.

Unfamiliar it was, though I read the Book all the way through.
Then, more light appeared, I'd never thoroughly seen before -
I was jest at religiosities and churchianities like so many others or more!

I hurried up a prayer for help to His Acknowledgeable Understandings;
And the answer - quicker than my request - that went up, came a-cramming!
Said He, "The study of My Life-Giving Majestic Words are unending!

The higher intelligence I gave to all that's living was to mankind, for his mending,
As you asked the quest of your soul-self in Me, I'm now contending;
Try now, a worthier, broader, ready study knowing and procedure.

That is, the deeper, higher, wider, nobler view of your intellectual forehead crown."
Found Christ the Concentered Quickening Spirit was Divinely Inaugurated
In the First Century for all His contemporaries, to Him many did heed.

Transcribable to Disciples ever since, in Descriptive Purpose and Eternal matters.
Work produced by faith; labor prompted by love; endurance inspired by hope; and
Effectively causing the Sovereign Grace and Peace to prevailing in all His Holy Temples!

Martin Luther said that he studied the Bible as he gathered apples. First, he shook the whole tree, that the ripest apples might fall. Then he climbed the tree and shook each limb. When he had shaken each limb, he shook every branch! After that, he examined every twig and looked under every leaf. In other words, Luther searched the Bible as a whole, studied each book, then studied each chapter, verse, and finally each word. After his conclusions, he nailed 95 theses to the door of the only dominating Christian religion he grew up into, and broke the parting of his way with his counterparts of the then of there! Pray tell, who is it that is readily studying like Luther in the 21st Century?

Q. Did Luther uncover all truths forever - with no more to discover?? A. Check out for many more detailings and see what one's "study of a night" will bring to light!! Today, we have five main "world religions" all complementing one another in beneficial "principles of alikeness"! But the crux or flux comes when the Christians' Christ is the Principal Figure with a Cross of Salvation paving His Disciples' Way and Life of First Century's then of there - and every generation, age after age forever ... into the New Covenant ... and onto the Everlasting Covenant given originally to Adam. He failed! Now, pointing forward to Christ's Finished and Completed Mission of His Workmanship within those who choose to "die to themselves and become alive in Christ Jesus;" Christ now sits as a "done deal" to the Right of the Father's Throne in the Third Heaven, never to do anymore of what He perfectly did on earth to be and do! He made no mistakes requiring Him to repeat what His Mission had already Accomplished! Nor did Christ fail of one jot or tittle of fulfilling entirely the Plan of Salvation for humankind; that kind of men/women to be transformed onto His Likenesses.

The real true Israelites of our Modern 21st Century World are, and always shall be, a continuum of those First Century Israelites, along with the Gentiles who and which became Christianized because of the New Covenant Christ made Himself to BE!

He made a way by His Kingdom that came while the Old Covenant was disappearing; which, by the way, had no way to enter the Father's Heavenly White Throne beings it made every soul liable to the legalities of 'the law of sin and death'! Because any infraction of the Old Covenant of its 613 laws, rules and regulations would bring devastating judgment or even mortal death upon the agree-ers to keep the law and did not nor could not. That is why Jesus became the total sin of the law perfectly, because He was the only perfection of God the Father to represent God's Heavenly kingdom. Thus, the Government of Heaven is now and forever upon Christ ... shouldering the Cross - and beyond - and Himself being a New Theocracy altogethhered together, gathering all Redeemed Souls unto Himself again and again ... age after age ... generation after generation ... time after time ... forever ... and onwards!

Religions have their 'interps of informed' religiosities. Denominations have 'cherry-picked' their nominations. Churches have their 'pick-of-the-pack' churchianities. The rich of this worldly-wise 'triune mammon' have all compromised for Dollar-ocracies, and are caught in a hostile political atmosphere of monetary violence, subjugating themselves to the unawares of the political arena of stupefied ambiguities foregoing the largesse nobility of Spiritual welfare(ings) towards the lares of self-serving antics! Christ justifies a repentant, willing heart; and never uses angary methods (enforced service) for Spiritually True, Faithful Obedience. Endear yourself to Christ every day ... in every way, as a relationship of His making is indestructible; and nil-desperandum (never despair) because He made all Believers to be Salvationed and Discipled after His Likeness! The "Still Small Voice" and Presence of the Holy Spirit are unstoppable! And enfranchises you to Himself by His Self. Amen!


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