Distractions And Positive Appurtenences Upon The Kingdom's Presence!

L. Phillip Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister, D.D., Pastoral Counselor
Esther Grace Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister

The writer of Hebrews warned the First Century Believers: "We ought to pay much closer attention than ever to the truths that we have heard, lest in any way we drift past [them] and slip away." Hebrews 2:1b (Amp.).

There are numerous reasons why individuals, groups, and organizations "drift past" and "slip away" from believing and living according to the Truths of God's Word. From our observation, we have concluded that there are four main categories (see chart below) which - if not kept in proper perspective because of unbelief - create major distractions. These lead to broken hearts, homes, societies, and estrangement from the Peace and Presence of God's extrinsic moderating fortitudes. These often are used to mollify differing forms of short-term happiness(es); but do not in the long-term administrate the "Joy of the Lord" as a pervading energized force for holistic health as in well-being.

The culturings of (1) the Christianized World has relegated those of us in [it] not to remember the totality of what all happened in the First Century of [its] birth and beginnings; and (2) the present culture of civil societies are persistently attempting to relegate Christians through [their] social sciences of mediocrity, thus affecting Christians to second-class citizens by downplaying and dampening the Christian's environment, as to proclaiming the efficacies of Christ throughout all new generations, age after age and forwards forever!!

The immediate judgmental determination of our inadequate social media or medium is obsessed with making the perimeter of a situation invariably its whole; not considering contextual content in bringing together and exhibiting the truth of what else matters. These illusions are sometimes referred to as situation ethics - and in spiritual matters, always as counterfeit grace; both of which have many implemented prefigurations of powerlessness! Is Spiritual Truth in Christ positively, absolutely ever politically correct??

Nothing humanly devised is infallible! The identification of any religious organization does NOT necessitate "any whosoever's particular identity or majestic destiny in Christ Jesus." See Psalm 37. There are over 275 churchianities and/or religiosities, most of which could be the acquisitiveness of excessive surprises of so much of their tax-exempt status as contrary evidences to be accorded a watchfulness by the IRS.

If, in our civil societies, Christian Believers wrongly find and/or depend upon government to give or support "a religious job description," such had better thoroughly check [their] churchianity/religiosity and back out of [it] again for they have chosen themselves rather than the calling of God. Facing all the carnival mirrors he/she may misrepresent, even subconsciously, through misunderstanding the Christian's Authentic appellations which is the supposed habitation found to be intrinsically within him/her, having one's personhood on Christ - obviously being the Fruit of His expectation - towards God's Glorious Gracious Workmanship. Some other factitious symptoms worth much consideration, is the inclusive presumptive parts of paganism, which having been adopted and infiltrated into Authentic Christianity of the First Century. These seductively have been installed with a broad spectrum towards today's churchianity/religiosity, that the simple requirements of God are made comparably negligible. The two commandments given in the New Covenant (Matthew 22:36-40); with the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper being made applicable after the Salvation of one's soul by Christ's Cross - is Christ's Message - plus nothing. Thereby and therein making Christ the lighter yoke throughout a pilgrim's journey first, always and forever onwards! Amen!

A "barren" woman in the Bible knew no joy, until she was blessed with a child (fruit to fruitage of more maturity). Genesis 25:21; Psalm 113:9. In biblical terminology, the "church" (Body Of Christ) is likened to a woman (Ephesians 5:24, 32; Song of Solomon). A "barren" church organization or group also knows no rational stabilized Christianized Joy because of corrupt and/or biblically contrary teachings!

Denying Christ with deceptive practices, never allows anyone to change Almighty God's Will to that which is contrarily drummed-up by fleshly instrumentality alone - to have another, or other Plan B, C, or D, etc., as biblical tampering is specifically clear; "If [since] any provide not for his [her] own house [the storehouse where money is received into, of which the church members are entitled benefits from] he [she] is worse than an infidel [atheist]." 1 Timothy 5:8 (lps). See Isaiah 58:7; 2 Corinthians 12:14; 2 Timothy 3:5.

Should not the followers of any organization have been supplied those needs of necessitated equivalents?? Du Coeur wrote: "Better to expose ourselves to ingratitude ... than fail in assisting the unfortunate." This ingratitude is here alluding to religious organizations or body of believers not taking care of and supporting the basic needs of [its] adherents, and then pushing them by marginalizing those in need - whether it be physical, mental or spiritual - onto government welfare programs, or, to the streets for the non-churched tax-payers to pick up the tab!

Churchianities/Religiosities of self-righteousness being put on public display is the greatest problematic divide of moral rot and decay! For instance: oratorical presentations (Romans 16:18); human abilities of enablements (1 Corinthians 10:12); dishonest money-making at the expense of the poor by promoting financial "seed-sowing" to ministries off-setting financial prosperity from the giver (Proverbs 22:16, 22 cf. Proverbs 13); honoring people lacking understanding (1 Samuel 2:29-30); judgments without knowing all the facts (Psalm 50:5-6); human counsel instead of Divine Wisdom (Proverbs 3:5); interfering/meddling when God is already doing His Workmanship within individuals (Phil. 2:13, 3:15); stalemating marriages and families by giving too much time and attention for concentralization outside of themselves (1 Timothy 5:4; Eph. 5:21-25); acquiring earthly fame instead of seeking Heavenly Values right at home (Jeremiah 45:5); excessively concentrating upon busyness or business instead of focusing upon Godly Obedience (1 Samuel 15:22).

Regretfully, we have seen many "poor" - after being drained of most all their material and body strengths by the false premise that God will give them a prosperity of wealth (cf. Proverbs 30:8-9) and health sortingly similar to the winning of short-changed lotteries - disenfranchised from their folds, groups and organizations and left to the mercy of government welfare programs; when the leaders of such should, could, would need be responsible com-pletely! Instead of the above-mentioned undesirable traits - and numerous idols besides - the Church (Body Of Believers) are to be salt and light - NOT dirt and blight!! See Psalm 43:1-5.

When a member or worker recognizes that he/she is involved with such spiritual barrenness of infidelity (unfaithfulness) he/she needs to choose to follow a better WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE under the direct commands of Jesus The Christ! Being an Authentic Christian is and shall always be paramount of all biblical proportions, whether it be opportunity or importunity; by reconsidering and overcoming the appalling application of the two foregoing thorny roads mentioned below the chart at the beginning of this chapter; thus having won the Preternatural Paramount Sovereign Newer Vision! See Hebrews 4:9; Joshua 21:44; Psalms 18:30; 149:4; Romans 8:31. God's Substance (Christ's Characterizations through the Holy Spirit) is to be matured within His Holy Temple (our bodies); otherwise we are only vividly imagining we are above Him in our self-righteousness; and vainly glorifying ourselves - without Him!!

Higher Spiritual Enlightenment Than The Law's Depth

There are deep meanings within and throughout the law; but very much higher are the Spiritual Meanings of the Graceful Attributes of the Holy Spirit's Authoritative Message.

By obligating ourselves to the sincere meat of the New Covenant Word - through the daily study of what has, is, be, do, with, and by the divisional factoring of Acts 17:10-11 - we here suggest that you have victory of, in and with Christ as your all in all: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts." Zechariah 4:6.

In studying for one's self, the biblical student is stimulated to realize that similar to the Old Covenant self-righteous zealots who were false leaders in the First Century, such as scribes, pharisees, sadducees, and other misconstrued interpreters; false leaders are still present TODAY! That is, the blinded leading the blinding, leading more so yet the blind.

This is the reason Jesus prayed on His Cross, Whose Example we should follow: "Father, forgive them [all humankind not recognizing Me as their Spiritual King in My Kingdom of Heavenly Origin]; for they know not what they do [they, and also we, before we became or become Christ's Ownership Spiritually (as our Lord) put Him to open shame - as sin of all our sins - for us as THOSE THEN in the Old Covenant, and TODAY OURS of the New Covenant of Sovereign Grace]." Matthew 23:34 (lps).

With the absence of Christ abiding in them, so many carnal/nominal Christians are still allowing creeping things like idiosyncracies, habits, addictions, and generational defects to become troublesome by vain imaginations of their hearts (spirits) and minds (intellect) while the peace that passes the understanding of flesh-heartedness (human only) denies Christ through unbelief.

These fetterings leave individuals in a Sodomite state; and the deeper rooted bondages of being possessed by them, as graphed at the beginning of this chapter, intrusively puts them further into a Gomorrahite negativity presence in which God described as: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9.

But take courage, dear reader, at whatever age, circumstance or situation you may presently be at! All the negativities can be overcome - given time, space, and respect - by Christ through the Holy Spirit so each overcomer wins the Crowned Rights under the High Priest and King Jesus!

Thus the Body-Of-Believers, in unity of the faith once delivered through our Spiritual Fathers, will attain to the unity of the Spiritual Realm everlasting. All faithful, spirit-filled by God's studied Word, can be fully assured that they have Christ all the time as their Sabbath Rest and love their neighbors likewisedly, because they have the alikeness accouterments as their High Priest and under His Kingly Lordship. God's Characterizations are to be magnified (made enlarged) intrinsic of His Image in us; not belittled in man-made finite patterns of one's own (or corporately) towards vain imaginations of illustrious delusions!!

"It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom." - Horace Greeley.

"All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war, proceed from their despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible." - Noah Webster.

Herein is holistic health within and throughout Christ's Graceful Wisdom multiplied!! Profession of self-righteousness is mankind's greatest curse with unbelief as [its] accessory, which makes such a one to be likened to one of the thieves beside the cross of Christ as an unbeliever. But the other "whosoevers" choose to become Believers, thus following their Saviour from then on in the obedience of the Righteousness of Grace to being faithful of God's Doings as in Heavenly wrought provisions; as God's Workmanship within each soul. Daily confessing Christ brings guiltless innocense to the spirit, fortifying peace of mind; and establishing the knowledgeable understanding of altruistically abiding within the Righteousness of God in Spirit, Truth and Grace; with converted Believers giving 30, 60, 100 times more fruited Spiritual Blessings to others for the Glory in the New Covenant, in the King Of Kings and Lord Of Lord's Heavenly Kingdom; leaving behind the glory of the Old Covenant legalities. Amen!

We once seemed to "see through a glass, darkly [of Old Covenant Glory]." 1 Cor. 13:12 (lps). But after the Quickening Spirit of Christ, Being The Only Spirit Of Prophecy Of All Prophetic Events of the fulfillments and the miraculous past, has not equivocated between (as in 50 grey areas) the blackness of the evils of man-made systems and the only white purity of Christ. In the First Century, were there not 70 Disciples sent out, by 12 Bishops or Overseers; and did not Jesus have a justifiable fidelity of three as His Inner Circle, with one being right next to Jesus' bosom for developing Christianity for the long-run in the Beloved Apostle John??? The Third Chapter of the Gospel of Luke is about genealogy to an extent; but so much more of Divine Order - to be favored! God is NOT a Tyrant - nor even a truant - one iota from His Word; for Christ Spiritually and Altruistically lived It completely and extrinsically because of His Virtuous intrinsic God-Ordained Behavior in Him! Being Christ stayed at and on Epiphanies continually and was/is NOT ever contradictory to His Word!

"And the night shall be filled with music,
And the cares that infest the day,
Shall fold their tents like the Arabs,
And as silently steal away." - Longfellow

Personally Experiencing The Full Flight Of An Eagle

Jesus told His Disciples: "You will leave me alone. But I am never really alone, because the Father is with me." John 16:32b (EB). Every former First-Century Disciple-Believer had to learn - by experience - to have recreated within each one of them, the likeness of the virtuous Character of Jesus - to maturity (perfection); before they could enter into the Most Holy of Holies in the Heavenly Spiritual Unseen Realm of Divine Glory! No consideration should be entertained as too costly to give up, so as to carry conviction into action!

The solitude acquaintance reinstated to Father God through Christ by the Holy Spirit may effectually cause one to make necessary renunciations and otherwise separations, leaving one to a strange or estranged sense of desperation and aloneness. But take heart, dear one, by not giving even a part of your whole-mind to wastefulness, because for the higher levels of cloudless days to forever abide, one must remain content to fly as does an eagle - above the din of earthliness existent below - to the comparative sunshine above!

Eagles are as solitary as any bird can get; for they one-on-one fly alone, or at best two, at any given time. As a life that is lived only to God however, many hardships or human instrumentalities might flaunt that alone conceptualization, and when such a one encounters to know more and more of the Divine Fellowship in the here of now, he/she is upheld by The Master Glider, as on Eagle Wings!

God is seeking people which will - at their own expense, like a seed sown to the ground to give its life to a better fruited life form - fly above and beyond the din of earth and/or clouds with Him; for without Him the children of men can do nothing that altruistically pleases Him on the God-ward Spiritual Side of his/her life. In each person's aloneness with God, the enjoinment fills one's life ... to a fuller life ... to the fulfilled more abundant life in the here of now - only to sit with God in Heavenly Places (Ephesians 2:6). This does not necessitate or mean being monasterially isolated as some deem to be so in cloistering.

Abraham walked alone at Mount Horeb up to the heights. Lot dwelled in the Plains of Sodom. Moses experienced aloneness for many years in the desert. Paul learned Greek, was taught by Gamaliel, and to fill his lifework had to go to the Arabian Desert life to please his God. These, each one, developed the independent faith of those isolating experiences that, in all probabilities, perplexed their souls at times, but they continued with God alone; so as not to depend so much upon "hot-house assimilated grouped growth" for their help, prayer, faith, and inspirational attention; or even their presiding presence of objective assistances or aids. To continue with all these former assistance and aids of fellowship would be a direct hindrance to such a one to being enabled to fly like an eagle and the Godly Welfare as in well-being to keep flying alone. See John 17.

God knows without one miss, the missioned journeying of the particular circumstances/situations to glory such a one for their isolating experiences towards maturing growth with Him. Those readily maturing by looking back to all these seeming puzzling, even embarrassing or shockingly shameful im-maturities and of those about us who are no less loved than before, but now are nevermore depended upon. Sometimes these, who have been the lone one's past acquaintance, might feel neglected or unattended to, even though through many difficult and sometimes very harrowing eaglet trials that almost clip their wings; but we, on the other hand, have learned in our loneness to soar freely on the warmed winds of the upper air of our soul's manifested redemption in victorious free-fall, to only soar the higher yet; as touching God, Who first touched us!

Dear Soul, dare to give time and attention to be with God in aloneness and never fear or feel alone! Jacob, in his aloneness with God, heard the "Still Small Voice" (as a whisper) the naming of Shiloh. Daniel in his aloneness with God, saw celestial visions. John banished to Patmos was given the blueprint of the Heavenly Realms though unseen by the physical sight of humankind. Your's and our question lingers forward, even as we alone-alikes might look back from time to time; to see where God has brought greatness out of every tribulating experience, to "trod the winepress" in aloneness with God in our splendorous isolations, rather than to fail, and at the same time neglectfully shame and un-adorn Him; but rather rising to our high calling of encapsulating Altruistic Spiritual Trust from our non-failing God; through Christ, by the Holy Spirit. Amen! King Jesus! Hallelujah! In His Kingdom Which Came! See Romans 9, and become a seer visionary of God's Friendly-Acquaintance - solidly winging Life In Him ongoing - come what may!

Whether Churched Or Unchurched; But Nevertheless Respiringly Christianized

Take time and give attention under Christ; to prayer, of meditation, daily study, and continual worship to be subjective, objective and conductive within your graceful peaceful being; and then all God's Works through you - for others - will be delightful to them, and at the same time a resigned accomplishment of God at the end of your temporary life's journey - to your Divinely Salvationed Soul - to God's Eternal Blissful Heaven!!! Be sure not to forget; don't mess (unless you want the wasteland in stark confusion) with Mr Inbetween Quasi-Religion delusional churchianity or Ms Inbetween Pseudo-illusional churchianity-religiosity. Acquire your well-being and well-doing directly from Christ's Grace and Holiness; as that Is His Word!! See Acts 5:29.

False Religion will bore and abhor you - as illed poison pills!! True Relationship shall implore and adore you - as in peaceful, healthy wills!!

"Religion that God accepts is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help; and keeping yourself free from the world's evil influence. This is the kind of religion that God accepts as pure and good." James 1:27 (EB). To "belittle" anyone doing the Altruistic Work of the Lord makes such that do, "be little." It was President Carter's wife who said: "There are four kinds of people: (1) those that are care-givers; (2) those that need care-givers; (3) those that have been care-givers; and (4) those that have been care-givers, that now need care-givers."

By looking at these four definitions, most anyone must conclude that all of these - from the cradle to the grave - need more than anything else, time and attention with heart-felt empathy to bring their service to fruition.

Life is a never-ending "proving ground," for more positive, critical attentive graceful virtues, to making goodly, independent choices; or helping others to make wise decisions which contribute to each person's well-being that is being cared for! Listed here are some Latin and other terminologies worth considering:

  • Religion - Dictionary Meaning: "to turn back to bondage;" [to bind backwards from Christ, as per Christianity]. Therefore therebe a misconceptual misconstrued fragmentation from Spiritually True Altruistic Merciful Sovereign Grace. Therein is a bondage, or bondages placed upon adherents of such, unable to humanly live a normal lifestyle in even an intuitive manner; much less with the impassioned misguided zeal of frowardness. This ongoing indulgence, wrapped in extreme negativity, then becomes any "whosoever's" subservice carnal narcissistic attrition and leads all life's energy down-spiraling to inform folly and futility of invalidity and sometimes beyond.

  • Relationship - Returned Upwards to God from the depravities of the Adamic Fall through Christ's Atonement by The Holy Spirit's hereditary and autonomous right living.
  • Remediation - Dictionary Meaning: "the act or process of remedying or overcoming learning disabilities or problems."
  • Absitomen - Dictionary Meaning: "may there be no (ill) omen (in it);" [there are no ills or disease in Christ].
  • In Loco Parentis - Dictionary Meaning: "in the place of a parent, or of a parent's authority;" i.e., any individual or group devoted to caring for orphans or single parents of infants; or the unknown origin of others.
  • Absente Reo - Dictionary Meaning: "in the absence of the defendant;" [such as the state of one without Christ].

  • All Authentic Christians must consider that the Apostle Paul was referring to the "dead works" of all those attempting to merit special effects to exhibit or perform - to be enabled self-righteously to deserve Eternal Life of being saved; which was never God's Plan! See Hebrews 9:14 and Titus 3:5. Anything God did not start to receive His Glory for is "dead works;" because the all of them was for self-vain-glory which actually goes against the fact that those who and which do such are NOT humbled under the BLOOD OF CHRIST! Whereas "the works" that the Apostle James talks about in his epistle means the Altruistic (Unselfish) Works AFTER someone fully allows Christ to be concentralized in [their] spirit and on [their] soul to exhibit endeavors first to fellow Believers; and then projects towards humanity. See James 2:14-26. We eagles implicitly believe in the sanctity of life and the quantity ethos coming from God; rather than just a worldly-wise or politically-correct ethic of some quality of life!!

    Do you have influence of and with God? Christ? Holy Spirit? The only purpose of having influence is to use it for all those that have none or little of any of it!!! Entrenched, infringed and marginalized are the poor; widows/widowers; the orphans and those being orphaned; the helpless, homeless, hapless, hopeless, heavy hearted, lifeless, hellishly down-trodden, bed-ridden, unbirthed, sick, needy, dying, destitute; and fill in the blanks _____, _____, _____, as known of others.

    The more individuals know, the more [they] should realize [they] don't know; but if [they] knew everything there is to know, then [they] should be the teacher to all the rest of the world that doesn't know!!! Amen! Did you know - only two to three percent of all Christians are called to a pulpit-preaching ministry according to a recent Gallup poll; and the rest of Born-Anew Authentic Christian Believers are called to witness (make themselves available) to all those about them!

    In addition to the above-mentioned distractions upon the Kingdom's Presence, one must endeavor to stay in the most optimal physical health, as that also effects the soul (will, mind, emotions). We have discovered, by experience, to keep in mind moderation in all things, including the taking of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and also even natural food supplements. Also proper rest, exercise, sunlight, fresh air, pure water, personal hygiene, and vital healthful foods need to be re-evaluated from time to time. Scripture admonishes, "Let your moderation be known unto all men [women]." Philippians 4:5a (lps). As we keep in mind that our body is the Temple where God abides, we can also confidently ask Him to give us wisdom to cooperate with Him in our care and healing (James 1:5). Be assured, the Effectual Cause of the Relationship Of Christ will Impact one's self against all the inpackings of the outward inflow of the four areas illustrated in this chart.

    "For you who honor me, goodness will shine on you like the sun. There will be healing in its rays." Malachi 4:2a (EB). When sickness does come, and it surely will in this world of woe, Born-Anew Believers have these promises: James 5:13-15, Psalms 23:1-6; 43:5.

    Now you can release yourself to God's Perfected (matured) GROWTH - as Quaquaversalizing His Intrinsic Design - beautifying your unique wholeness shining out from within to Believers and unbelievers alike, showing how kindly Jesus Christ really is!

    Let us not be entrenched in the USA!
    Belong to the Nexas of the Universe!
    God gave Moral Capability!
    The Choice1 is Ours!

    Thoughts To Ponder

    When we get too strong in our own self-sufficiency in any area of life ... that we become too weak ... then God, in our dependence on Him, will take that weakness and rebirth or revive our spiritual souls to lift us higher in His Strength for the purpose of us attributing to Him for doing so; the proficient praise, honor and glory due Him from us, that shall last forever, eternally and everlastingly!!! Amen! In other words, no formed weapon against the righteousness of Christ in us will totally devastate us, because Christ's Divinity is infinitely and solemnly positioned before the Father in Heaven by His Advocacy (Isaiah 54:17). Hallelujah!


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