Chosen By God To Be Saved
L. Phillip Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister, D.D., Pastoral Counselor and
Esther Grace Schmidt, Evangel Gospel Minister

The Kingdom was established with the Power of Christ through the Holy Spirit. It neither was or is powered by men/women as Christ is the only perfection of God the Father, and His Word teaches that every man [woman] is a liar; that is to say all of humanity comparatively is objectively subject to God and not God subjected to mankind for his/her spiritual-soul's complete salvational acquittal (Romans 3:4). The Deity of Christ and the exclusiveness of the Christian Faith given to its Fathers, is the testimony as the true source for altruistic salvational qualifications; even when our weak weakenedness(es)are dependent upon God for His strengthening all the more. See 2 Corinthians 12:9-11.

No other Name can offer real Atonement! With the passing of Judaism in AD 70, Christianity became a better covenant surpassing the old faded-away-covenant unto, into, and onto the Super-supersuperlative Universal Christianized Christianized Covenant Newness (cf. Daniel 12:1 with Matthew 24:21.

Just as lightning goes from East to West; the whole area of the Diaspora of the Old Testament bearings of Judaistic religious/political government was shattered in AD 70, and at the same time the first-fruits of the Gospel Of The Sovereign Saving Grace Of Christ was established as the newness of the Church/Kingdom. The Lord, through the Holy Spirit is with His Children from East to West around the circle of the global habitation of humanity today (Isaiah 40:22).

Therefore and thereof, every type and kind of communication known to man, is the availability of the Gospel Of Christ going forth! To illustrate in every-day language, we will use a personable-generalized-alternative-narrative made-up of four colorful horses (Revelation 6), describing the differences in various peoples, each having two predominate factors of positive and/or negative attitudes of previous formationings for those needing the salvationings as only found in Christ Jesus - and into riding onto the only altruistic positive-purity and victorious-cleansings of the "white horse" (representing Christ).

The justified-righteous with the propitiation/reconciliation through the Blood of Jesus becomes His Holy People. This is done while those that don't ride a white horse are losing out of their salvational-capability of responding to Christ's invitation to "Come unto Me ... and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. Just think, and with intelligent knowledgeability, the Word of God in Ezekiel 35:10 says: "...The Lord was there." Yes, He was in the Remnant of AD 63-66 of the First Century of God's Elect; and today His Eyes are going from East to West upon the whole face of this globe to see who will consistently ride a white horse because "The Lord is there" with each one of them, and the Holy Spirit resides in every Born-Anew Believer in Atonement Presence!

As Christians, we are constantly opposed - yet perpetually preserved! Arrows of fire are shot from hell's little corner - but faithfulness to God's faithfulness to us, more than shoots them down and quenches each one! Saints never have a virtue or a grace that did not attract an attack from the ruler of darkness - but the Lord is with them! Yes, He is there! No matter if the goodness of God is a bright sparkling hope; a warm fervent love; an all enduring patience; or a zeal flaming like hot coals, the old enemy will attempt - but in vain to destroy it; because in the midst of it - God is with you therein! You will stand on the Rock of Ages past, present and future. Yes and Amen! Jehovah Shammah, "The Lord is there" and He is there for every just, merciful and humble step you, as a Christian, make or take.

Dear reader, personally study God's Word to have Him make a Straight-Way for you to have His Truth and More Abundant Life encapsulated altogether within and throughout your spiritual-soul, and at the same time have your body temple cleansed of the everyday experiences of ongoing epiphanies with Christ every step of His Journeying with you! Trust the Only One Who came down from Heaven to die - so to wash and cleanse you from all unrighteousness to have real-true-healthful salvation as in well-being. See 3 John 1:2.

This is real-health, which is another name for salvation. Spiritual-Souls should continually ask, seek and knock onto the Word of God and have health (salvation) delivered to them simply by believing and obeying what matters to God for each one's spirit, will, mind, emotions, and physical-temple-body. God created each; and each - through Christ - can receive a new creation. This is true health reform; one's full salvational Will of God's Holy Word! In Biblical contemplation then, the Everlasting Covenant was a Fulfilled Covenant taking into account the Abrahamic Covenant, the Jewish Old Covenant and the Christian's New Covenant - all transitioning from Adam's fall onto Christ's transmissive-quickening transparency lasting forever - age after age!

Modeling Christian Living - 2 Corinthians 3:18

When individuals connect with a Presenter of Authentic Teachings of Spiritual Truth, [they] begin to penetrate successive layers, because of Adamic sin, which manifests itself in their existence however latent within and throughout personal experience, knowledge, and observational understanding [they] may be at, at any given time.

At first, [they] think they are dealing with just their own person and/or personality; only to find they are also dealing with a higher intelligence and emotional feelings in Christ as a foretaste of getting deeper into and onto more layers of discernment; letting unhealthful practices go, and more healthful practices flow!

Then, in the turning-of-turns-of-layers, as a Presenter, and now Teacher/Facilitator transmitting his/her perceptional abilities to the student, the Spiritual-True-Newness-Revival-Energy then flows to stabilizing a more pure formation. Jesus Christ is that Perfect (Mature) Source for those desiring to be altruistically whole - spirit, soul and body.

Therein, the student's own unlimited-turnings finds more intake of love to express to others; more intake of joyous-living to exhilarate to those about him/her; and finally the peaceful understanding being demonstrated of the finite possibilities for potential acknowledging of the peaceful co-existence as in well-being! This and thus exercising Trust In God as their Infinite Power, and His transmitting and transmuting Luxurious Sovereign Grace-Upon-Grace of the generosity of His Divine regulating resourcefulness of the newer... to newest life within and throughout their beings and doings; it is a forever non-stopping place, which is a reforming reformation that always features by biblical connection to Christ for yet more reformings throughout one's temporal life-span.

In all of the in-between mean-times, the student is to take time to individually be quiet and consider the intake inflow of all the connecting associations and growing to grow past negative findings of associations/circumstances which can or may be intoxicating distortions, perversions, warpings, and/or dwarfings; and then go on and continue to build on the Spiritual Flux always available for those hungry for the Truth of Christ therein of themselves for the bolstering of those of the highest of callings to God - as His Friends!

Deviations From Authentic Christianity

All deviations from Christ which need to be recognized by individuals in order for them to recover from being lost, stolen, or strayed are illustrated by the following colored horses; which may be particularly meaningful to those in prisons (either behind bars or within their own mind - often referred to as being "in a box"); to help them better understand their need of Christ to deliver and transform them into His Righteous Characteristics and onto the cleansing purity and victory of the white horse.

These individuals are riding either a black horse of distress and calamity; a red horse of war of bloodshed and fierce hostility, or a pale horse of death and destruction (much like other falsely professed Christian entities/religions, or no religion at all). There are many false Christian entities which are not biblically altruistic. These false entities illusion others with their fallacies, especially those directly under their influence, by generating false teachings thus rippling affect-to-effect! See Isaiah 30:15-16.

Figuratively speaking, swallowing these falsified teachings of non-truths and/or half-moral-truths become digested within the spiritual-soul as real, when these teachings are mere made-up fables and/or man-made doctrines which on the surface appears to be credible to the undiscerning person; but demands total time and attention!

Therefore, it is very important to check out every teaching to perceive the whole-conceptual-contextual ascertainment within and throughout God's Holy Word. Neglecting to do this, opens the door for erroneous and disillusioned thinking which eventually leads to one's personal false-beliefs. These entities may be sophisticated in various aspects of having political arms and charitable wings to boot; but the making of a salvationed saved soul through spiritual altruism is nevertheless the one that stands with the moral support of Almighty God! See Revelation 22:14-15.

Learning What God Meant Instead Of Man-Made Teachings Of Fallaciousness

Those seeking to possess and control other spirits contrary to the Truth of God's Inerrant Word, disempowers those engaged with such activities - even in using of The Word Of God deceitfully (Jeremiah 48:10) - for by doing so; immobilizes the will of free choice - which in turn disembarks the free thought of the mind (which is the balancing-scales of the will and feelings) - and then, because of concluding all ill-begotten illusions and delusions, makes the body-temple to be unfit for more of God's habitation; nor can God cleanse and make it pure for Himself inevitably, upper-mostly, effectively, and throughout efficacy to inhabit the whole person for His Name's Honor and Glory - as His Very Own Workmanship (Ephesians 2:10)! Be a Work-Of-God's Art and one's own personification!

In other words, there are in the professed Christian religious world controllers causing the effectual rippling upon controlling the controllers, which in turn, affects the least cognitive followers to be controlled for their unawareness or illusion/delusion as conveyors of the originators' "terms of conviction." Most tolerators are under this assumption - since they put themselves with the multitudes under the power of feeble man - instead of The Super-supersuperlative Of The Presence Of Christ within and throughout the Holy Spirit.

They then, falsely believe they cannot be thwarted or mistaken and so solidly become distanced from God. But God's Word illustrates and demonstrates the opposite One-on-one basis as first-place-priority; for misconceptual context leads far and astray! By being Brothers and Sisters in The Kingdom Of God cancels all the absolute power that corrupts the over-righteousness of man-made pontifications to the established authority of Christ; for He said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33.

Christ goes on to say, "Enter ye [singular] in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matt. 7:13-14 (lps). And the Apostle Paul says: "What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price [God's Full Treasury]: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (lps).

Whatever one puts into their body-temple, that is surely what they will become! Listen as the Apostles Paul, James, Peter, and John teach us Christ - Who is hidden within our body temple - in sequential understanding: